Repairs at Studio 46 Guitars

  • 30 years experience repairing all make and model of guitars.  No job is too big or too small (acoustic or electric).  Everything from set-ups, installing pickups, fret work, crack repair, to putting on new strings.


Mike Biggar
The Guild is back!
My wonderful 1990 Guild D-50 has been in the closet for the last 2 years at least, needing some serious TLC to be stage-worthy again. But damn, it's such a great acoustic! This is the guitar on which I first started as a serious writer, and it has been such a faithful musical friend along the way. Oh, what to do?  Enter guitar repair genius Mike Levesque of Studio 46 Guitars Inc. - and Guildy has finally been brought back to life!
After repairing the under-saddle plate to seat strings properly again, Mike did a total fret replacement job, treating and cleaning up the ebony fingerboard as he went along. New Grover tuners were installed...we had to wait a long time for the same gold ones original to the guitar but I am so glad we were patient. He fashioned a new bone nut, smoothed out the rough edges on the back on the neck (I gotta stop wearing rings when on stage!), reset the girl overall, and installed an LR Baggs Anthem microphonic pickup that I am in love with and can't wait to hear through a festival PA on stage this year! She sings like a nightengale and stays in tune beautifully now.
If you have guitar repair needs in our area...Mike is your guy! Thank you so much dude! 🙂

Kevin Shelton
Mike & Heath are amazing - had a bunch of work done there, and always top quality, with the highest level of humble & friendly professionalism. This is the place to go, period.
George Buchanan
Big shout out to Mike Levesque and Studio 46...he did a headstock repair and setup on my Gibson SJ200 ....Amazing work...plays like butter from one end of the neck to the other. He also did a mod on my Nashville b bender tele to make it synth ready...not a job for the weak at heart. Tele’s are not designed to handle an internal synth pickup...not only did he get it done, it looks great! He also refretted my American strat...looks factory, also did a great job to setup a double neck Carvin. For stringed instrument repair, setup, electronics, quality work, excellent service and reasonable prices! Need something done...take it here....guaranteed you will be satisfied!! Thank you Studio 46!!
Stu MacDougall
Have know mike for a long time and In all those years has been tinkering with guitars. He knows his stuff and is excellent to work with...highly recommend for special project builds, mods or repairs.
Dave Hansen
Wow, such great work. New pickup and setup done on my Taylor guitar. Plays and sounds amazing now. Mike discussed with me the best options for what I was looking for and listened to my input. I couldn't be happier!
Frank Beck
Picked up my D35 today and I want to thank Mike for the repairs after it had came off of the strap and hit the floor needless to say what a job, you would never find out where it was repaired. Flawless!  Also had new bone nut and setup.  Looks like new and play's better than new.  Thank you Mike, Your repair shop and tools, as well as the way you conduct yourself with customers is absolutely the best.
Brian V. LeBlanc
Was very impressed with my Epiphone after not playing it as much due to the buzzing and strings not being setup. I received this guitar as a Christmas gift from my daughter 2 yrs ago and rarely played it as often as my other acoustic.  Got it home and let it sit for a couple hrs then picked it up and started playing. A total 360 from how it played before ,I am 100% impressed, thanks for the great workmanship Mike ....I highly recommend your work much I gave my him my s&p to set up as well
Matt Starkes
Picked up my Taylor 314ce today. Mike did a phenomenal job turning it into an instrument I now love to play. Ever since I purchased the guitar, the action had been very high. It had gotten so bad this spring that I took a break from playing it altogether. Mike took what was a previously unplayable disappointment, and turned it into a better guitar than it every was. World class work and great customer service. Could not recommend anyone better!

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